A Girls Getaway Can Be Refreshing

Travel has been on your mind for a while now but you’re not sure how to go about this? Here’s a little advice. Call your girlfriends and trust us when we say this, they won’t let you down! Does not everyone dream of an all-girls getaway where you can chat, shop and gossip just the way you did in student days?

If you’re still not convinced, read on for a few reasons to plan a trip with your girlfriends.

Unload the fun:
Remember how much those sleep overs and night outs with your girlfriends excited you in your school and university days? Wouldn’t it be nice to have a trip where you can explore destinations just the way it suits you and your friends without any additional hassles.

Craft new memories:
Isn’t it funny how we live beautiful moments just once but spend a lifetime cherishing them?  It’s time to stop living in memories and venture out into the unknown and live life just the way they show in movies. Click selfies, wear striking regional clothes, indulge in fun escapade activities and share countless laughs.


Don’t have a single dull moment:
When you’re with a group of girls, you’ll never run short of things to talk about or activities to do. It’s like going back to school and college days, where you never got bored of your friends. It’s also because women never run out of topics to talk on. However, if you’re not big on gossips and dinners, you can sure look forward to travel shopping and some salon pampering with your ladies.

Boost your confidence:
A trip with your girls means being responsible for yourself and them. All the touristy challenges like language differences, currency differences, avoiding unwanted attention and getting conned at the local markets are dealt with together as a team. It’s a beautiful feeling to perform tasks you earlier thought were challenging.

No strings attached:
In such a trip together, you need not spend every moment doing things that are mutually comforting. Your girlfriends understand you need space more than anyone else. This is an opportunity to take time off and do activities you love even if your girlfriends don’t.


You’ll realise you’re not alone:
Life sometimes is so tough that one needs to fight tooth and nail with time to keep up. We all have insecurities, problems and our own wars to fight. When you take a trip with your girls, you realize you’re not the only one going through a tough phase. Only your girlfriends can relate to you. Comfort yourself and share a slice of your life. It will definitely make you feel better.

– Sonam Kukreja


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