A Wardrobe Change With Jabong.com

Jabong.com is one of the leading fashion portals I trust for online shopping. Many find this ecom portal overly-priced but when you look closely, you are sure to find the right fashion steal. This time around, I went shopping T-shirts. It’s been a couple of years since I have added any carefree and funky items to my wardrobe. The corporate, boring life can do that to you! I did not like the collection on some of the regular sites that I usually visit but at Jabong.com, I was spoilt for choice.

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Easy to Browse and Choose: With multiple filtering option from colours, material, sizes, brands to popularity, you can easily let the website throw up options that satiate the choosy-picky shopaholic in you.


Very Detailed: Complete description about the product is beautifully laid-out. Various shots of the product from different angles let you gauge what you would be getting into, pun totally intended. In addition, It clearly mentions the quality of fabric, how it can be washed and other essential details.


After placing the order, the details of the order quickly zoomed into my mail box and SMS box. It was mentioned that my items would be delivered in two separate installments. It clearly stated the expected delivery date and kept me informed about its movement from packaging to delivery via SMS and email.


Jabong never fails to impress me. The discounts they offer make shopping an irresistible exercise. If you know what you are looking for and make use of their different discounts, then you would definitely get a good deal. Where else would you get such 4 awesome Tees for a mere Rs. 984?

Another tip: Download their mobile app to let your hands be the first ones to get their latest collection and discounts.

– Shivani Gala


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