Accident Insurance Helps Women Overcome Financial Hassles

Every day, we learn about fatal accidents in different parts of the world. Any incident which causes injury and blood-shed is known as an accident. The nature of an accident may differ. They may occur by public transport or a deliberate attack. Accident insurance helps women victims the most.


Traveling By Rail

While travelling in ladies compartment of local trains in Mumbai, we have heard of incidents involving hooligans throwing balloons filled with acid or other harmful substances at passengers. This has caused permanent damage at times. In such cases, railways provide immediate monetary relief to the victim. The quantum of relief is decided by the authorities, depending on the seriousness of injury.


Travelling By Public Transport

Insurance companies are liable to pay compensation to accident victims hurt in a mishap while traveling by public transport. The quantum is again decided by the concerned authorities, depending on the seriousness of the injury. Further, if the victim has personal insurance, then immediate relief is granted by the insurer when approached. Provisions under are attracted.

Travelling By Air

As per the airline rules, the air carrier settles the claim of any woman accident victim depending on various factors. The limit for compensation is not fixed. The monetary relief totally depends on the nature of injury. Most passengers are encouraged to seek travel insurance while booking a flight ticket.


Travelling By Sea

The same applies to victims of accidents at sea involving shipping carriage companies. Many things are taken into consideration like place of voyage, destination, waters in which the carrier was sailing, type of accident and injury etc. The shipping company is also liable for loss of luggage or any damages on board.


Law Is Same For All

Women who are stabbed or deliberately injured by persons with malicious intent are advised to approach the court for compensation under various provisions of law. In addition to penal punishment, compensation from the accused is also taken care of.

If any woman is hurt or injured in her own vehicle, then the claim is settled by the Motor Insurance Company depending on the injury. Women can also be prosecuted for rash and negligent driving. Further, if any woman is under the influence of alcohol, then the prosecution becomes harsh. Corporate lawyer Janhavi Gadkar is one such example.

What you sow is what you will reap at the end of the day.


Originally from Nagpur in eastern Maharashtra, advocate Mrs Deepali Jayadeep Jayawant shifted to Navi Mumbai in 2002. She is well-versed with family matters, consumer matters, civil and criminal cases and High Court proceedings. She has recently presented a research paper in an international conference in Mumbai. She enjoys reading, sports and traveling. She pens a fortnightly column ‘Legal Diary’.
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