Align With Differently-Abled Persons

Rohan Hirani (21) is special and gifted, something he has proven by starting Align in July 2012. Not only does he support himself by running this exclusive candle and personalized gift store in Andheri, Mumbai but he also engages his special friends in the endeavor and has made his parents extremely proud.

Make a difference in the society. That is what the team of Align wishes to do.

Align specializes in hand-made, crafted, perfumed candles and personal care products including soaps, shower gels, bath salts and perfumes. All the products are made by differently-abled persons. Their products are aligned with your feelings.


No longer does his mother Beejal Hirani fret over her child’s future for she knows he has carved his own path. “I have overcome the question ‘Why Me’? I now know I have succeeded in grooming my special child the right way,” she said.

Born with a heart defect, Rohan was a slow learner but always very calm and everybody’s pet at home. “I wanted him to be independent. Such children are not a liability. They only need extra love and care to overcome the challenges of life,” pointed Beejal.


Align believes in being positive and that reflects in their beautiful creations.

For orders, please contact 022-26359357/ 58

Pics by Farooq Sayed

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