Innovative Floral Boutique by Rekha Shah

Flowers are synonymous with fragrance. Inspired by them, Navi Mumbai resident Rekha Shah decided to open an exclusive floral boutique. Not even in her wildest dreams had she dreamt of expanding her business and opening two more flower boutiques in Mumbai and Navi Mumbai within a short span of time.

The fresh and bright array of flowers and unique bouquets that stand apart from the ones seen in roadside floral shops leave customers spellbound. “The compliments I receive from my clients is my achievement,” said Rekha when Pinksworth congratulated her on her success.


Her journey was as difficult as walking on a path of thorns. “The concept of an exclusive floral boutique was new and my competitors were local florists, who lack creativity. The second challenge was justifying the cost of flowers. Even today, customers continue to compare. Nevertheless, the unconditional support of my family, determination and creativity drive me to fight and succeed,” she said.

“The floral industry is slowly growing. Today, people appreciate receiving flowers as gifts on ceremonies like wedding, birthdays etc. Secondly, there is a growing awareness about different kinds of flowers, especially among people who have traveled abroad,” Rekha pointed.


“A good knowledge of the industry is always welcome. There are many contemporary flower designing courses. In order to grow, one needs to be very creative. Apart from that, prompt delivery and presence on various e-commerce and online stores play an important role. All this can’t be achieved without a good team,” she stressed.

After tasting success in India, Rekha is keen to make a mark abroad as well. To do so, she is pursuing a professional course in international Japanese flower arrangement Ikebana. She also wants to build an old age home and support the differently-abled children.

Readers can contact Rekha Shah on 9322202284.

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