Brace Yourselves … The Feminazis Are Coming!

There’s a bad tempered new game to further muck up the existing uneasy waters of gender equations in this country today. It centers around the martyrdom of men at the hands of the so-called ‘Feminazis’ (thus christened to shame all those who say ‘howzzat?’ to the patriarchal mindset that lampoons women in general and educated women in particular as liars).
In other words, women are basically lacking in integrity, and so, the increasing instances of women standing up to alleged harassers must be put down to empowerment in the hands of the unworthy. Nothing less. Nothing more. All those laws that penalize dowry, molestation, sexual harassment, so on and so forth, are just stuff and nonsense. Getit, you Feminazis??

Man and Woman Being Weighed on Scales
“Our sons are very well brought-up, thank you very much!” harps a venerable old matriarch on Facebook adding, “MY son especially is a man of such tremendous honour, I shudder to think of what will happen when this innocent paragon is confronted by a woman of dishonour!!!”

Typical response. And if you are left in any doubt whatsoever as to just how sainted her son is, mommy dearest will have you know, for good measure… “I am a woman too… I would never tolerate any actual wrongdoing against a woman, you know.”
Err… yes… we sure do but when did we ever say that patriarchal mindsets have anything to do with gender??
Not for our Indian mommies any idiotic notion of admitting to have mothered errant sons, definitely nothing like the recent exercise carried out by a women’s group in Chile that involved shaming the sex offender by using the simple but lethal trick of dressing up mom in wig and goggles as a much younger decoy and putting her in his way. Unable to recognize Mom in the getup, the offender would yell obscenities at her, at which point, mommy dearest would pounce on sonny and beat him with her handbag all the way home. This massive, carefully-orchestrated lesson was recorded on cameras and subsequently aired. And yes, sexual harassment in the streets came down by a whopper.

But in India, we don’t have crimes against women, just Feminazis you see! Never mind the whopping statistics that regularly place India as one of the worst countries to be born a woman, or that India seems to be the ONLY country where better education and jobs for the men has directly translated into worse crimes against women  (dowry anyone??) Female infanticide is another grossly exaggerated crap, so is this rape epidemic!
In fact, our men are such creatures of honour that one of the only ways up for Feminazis is to allege they were sexually harassed!
Sarcasm apart, it is a fact that there are women foolish enough to abuse the laws and mechanisms meant for their protection. Yes, women are known to lie and cheat and twist truths in the worst possible power games.
But I place all my bets on the fact that they are in a minority.

Consider what the average Indian female professionals, trainees and interns go through to get those breaks and be in the reckoning in the first place, especially in a society as discriminatory and intolerant as ours… or even to claim the right to be seen in public places like movie halls, bus stops and parks. To wrongfully accuse a man needs double the guts that it takes to rightfully accuse him. To say nothing of public trials of one’s dress sense, age, looks, mental stability, upbringing, character and so on! (Which happens whether or not there is truth in your accusation).
But if the martyred men and their mommies are to be believed, there are no men of dishonor, just women with zero respect towards their own…
Wake up and smell the coffee, patriarchs! The power equations are changing, however slowly. No matter how much you shame the Feminazis, no matter how shrill their voice or noisy their stride, it will be seen, felt and heard.
You cannot get away with pulping or raping or killing or sidelining women as easily as you wish. Not anymore.
Feminazis or no, the going just got tougher for those who have hated their women all through, just concealed it under the garb of Indian culture and mommy’s pallu.


Pune-based journalist and copywriter, Kalyani Sardesai is currently working on her first book. With over 15 years as a professional writer in assorted media, she brings to the table several observations – especially with regard to the manner in which women are perceived, treated and written about. She pens a fortnightly column ‘Politically Incorrect’.

Readers can write to her at

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