Director of Qualcon Deepa Mehta Says Women Make Better Realtors

The phones are ringing constantly and the sales team at the Qualcon’s head office in Panvel, Navi Mumbai is busy answering the queries from home buyers. The Director of Qualcon Deepa Mehta arrived at sharp 12 pm. As she entered her cabin, she politely asked if she was late for the appointment. I replied, “You are bang on time!”

This punctuality and discipline reflects not just in Mehta’s personality but also her style of functioning and extends to her team as well. She single-handedly heads the in-house sales department of Qualcon, a company founded by her husband Bhimesh Mehta. Not an easy task, Mehta is adept at handling the numbers and chases the targets heads-on.


While heading the administrative department of the company few years ago, she advised her husband to start their own sales division. To her surprise, he agreed at once and asked her to take charge.

In less than three years, she has successfully sold more than 3,000 houses and helped many people’s dream come true. 95 percent of Qualcon’s sales team comprises women. “Nature has given women an unique quality. We can turn houses into homes,” pointed Deepa.

Her motto is to make every individual’s dream of owning a house come true. A house for all. “Without the support of my family and staff, I would have not come so far,” she said.


Nurturing is definitely second nature to women. We love to connect. In the real estate sector, the gender divide is fairly balanced. “In fact, women tend to do better since they are calculated risk takers and think long-term. We are gifted negotiators, more emotionally intelligent and aware about the human side of the business. It is an added advantage in catering to the audiences,” pointed Mehta.

Qualcon specializes in building budget homes. “We have built township projects with amenities like gym, recreation zones for every age group, 24×7 water and electricity supply, cross ventilation, natural light and solar heater. Our projects are also vastu-based,” she pointed.

Some of their projects include Royal Meadows, Royal Ozone, Hillview Homes, Water’s Edge, Green Meadows and Greenwood Estate in Panvel.

“We cater to the affordable section, commonly known as the budget homes section. The rates are as per market trends and Qualcon, as a brand, has always offered the best. This has helped us become a favorite. There has been no fall in the prices for the budget homes section and we really do not foresee any price correction. We will, however, welcome any price correction as per market demand,” said Mehta.


Continual growth and progress are the key stones for improvement, achievement, and success. Qualcon has always believed in adapting new techniques that match the demands of future. In this journey of creating lifestyles where quality, class and comfort remain crucial focus areas across all operations, Qualcon never misses any chance to offer gratitude to Mother Nature.

“To create aesthetic marvels, we make an innovative use of air, space and light. This makes our projects really worthy for even the GenNext to live in,” she said.

Accepting challenges with an open mind gives us an opportunity to match with the changing market trends and customer taste. At Qualcon, we are a blend of unique, sophisticated and modern architecture and services that is ahead of time. At the same time, we maintain a sterling reputation and integrity, said Deepa.


A workaholic by nature and passionate about her work, Deepa says she would not mind working 365 days a year. “I love my job and it is my driving force,” she said. During her free time, she paints and listens to soothing instrumental music.

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