Dr Jaishree Sharad Makes Your Skin Talk

Navi Mumbai resident Ambari Taoje (name changed) lost her smile after a brutal accident that left an ugly scar on her face. She stopped admiring herself in the mirror, until she met Dr Jaishree Sharad. Taoje’s face now glows with pride, all thanks to the effective treatment she underwent at Dr Sharad’s Skinfiniti Aesthetic Skin and Laser Clinic. Many like Taoje have much to thank Dr Sharad for.

Dermatology was a less-known stream in India till doctors like Jaishree Sharad took upon the onus to spread awareness about skin care. The largest organ in the human body, skin is also an important sensory organ and your connection to the outside world but alas, it is also the most neglected. This is especially the case in urban settings, where stress takes a huge toll on our skin and lives.


A sculptor of skin and faces, Dr Sharad stresses on being healthy and looking smart rather than being obsessed with looking beautiful. After all, health is wealth. “Every individual can look beautiful in his or her own skin, if he or she is smart and has a healthy body with an equally healthy skin,” said Dr Sharad adding that beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder.

Author of the book ‘Skin Talks’, Dr Sharad has come a long way. From the sleepy town of Jamshedpur where she grew up and studied, she moved to Pune and later to Mumbai to intern at JJ hospital. She later joined Nanavati hospital. The urge to learn and grow did not cede so she went to Bangkok on a scholarship to pursue an extensive course in Dermatolic Lasers. Dr Sharad presented an award paper at the Cosmetic Dermatologist Society of India (CDSI) on radio frequency skin tightening and later introduced the treatment in India. Since then, there was no looking back for this feisty woman.

The first dermatosurgeon and cosmetic dermatologist in Navi Mumbai to set up a skin clinic in 2004, Dr Sharad recollects the days when she would do one botox in three months. Now her appointment diary is filled, with celebs queuing up!


In order to create awareness about hygiene and using reliable cosmetics, Dr Sharad said social media, online blogs and magazines should publish genuine articles on skin care written by qualified doctors.

Does she miss Jamshedpur? “Ofcourse I do. I miss the gol guppas, chaat, ghugni and Bengali cuisine which I relished with friends but now, I am too much in love with Mumbai to care”.


Skin Talks

The book is aimed at readers of all age groups. It tells you that beautiful skin means healthy, even-toned, blemish-free, pimple-free and radiant skin without going under the knife and changing the way you look. The book teaches you how to be confident in your own skin. Dr Sharad’s anecdotes are worth reading. What adds stars to the book are the skin care regimes of her celeb friends like Ileana D’Cruz and Neetu Kapoor.

A lot of myths have been busted in the book, like heat in the body causes acne or impure blood causes acne or facials prevent aging of skin. Actually, aging is an internal process but external factors like sun / UV rays, smoking, alcohol, unhealthy diet, inadequate sleep or stress hasten the process of aging. It gives a clear insight on the right products for different skin types. It also busts the myth that skin care is only for women and not men.



Resident of a once-sleepy, upcoming town called Navi Mumbai, Falguni Banerjee always wished to study in Pune, the cultural capital of Maharashtra. She studied journalism from Pune University and began her career in the media industry there. She later worked with top media houses in Mumbai and Nagpur and has been felicitated for her work. Falguni is multi-linguistic and enjoys painting in her free time. A voracious reader, she boasts of a personal collection of an odd-2000 books!

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