Knock That Molester’s Head Out With Kali Majapahit

Meet Navi Mumbai resident Bristi Mukherjee (34), an instructor of the Kali Majapahit academy.

A form of martial arts, Kali Majapahit is different from what one normally learns in other schools. Widely regarded as one of the finest martial arts, it is more than a typical kick and punch school. Kali Majapahit always aims at making a positive impact on students’ lives, shaping their body and sharpening their minds while preparing them to face tough challenges.

“One must learn this art for self-defence. Man or woman, we are not safe anymore. Each one of us must learn to defend oneself. Age is not a factor,” she stressed. Mukherjee trains for 6-7 hours training daily.

This form of martial art involves boxing, punching and sticks too. “It boosts one’s confidence. I now walk proudly on the streets with no fear on my mind,” said Mukherjee. Learners can master the art in 4 years. “Kids should be encouraged to learn,” she added.


The Filipino martial arts school is going to open its branch in Seawoods (Navi Mumbai), a first-of-its-kind in India. Headquartered in Singapore, the main centre was originally founded by Guro Fred Evrard and his wife Guro Lila Evrard, following a four year trip around the world aimed at deepening their knowledge in martial arts and natural healing. Both have been martial arts practitioners for the past 30 years and are traveling around the world, training martial arts, self-defence for law enforcement and personal growth.

Kali Majapahit centres are situated in Japan, New Zealand, Germany, Malaysia, France, U.S.A. and now in Navi Mumbai and Gurgaon in India. Enthusiasts will now get an opportunity to learn this art here as well.

Kali Majapahit India will offer classes for adults and children of various ages. It takes prides on teaching a system of martial arts that strengthens the mind, body and soul.


Just before the inauguration of the academy, kali Majapahit India is holding a three-day workshop at the Ramseth Thakur International Sports Complex, Navi Mumbai, where a team of 23 future instructors from all over India will go through a detail workshop on various aspect of martial arts under Sensei Sanjivan Padwal (M.M.A instructor and fighter), Sensei Asif Rahman (Kali instructor), Sensei Raja Mookherjee (Kali instructor) and Sensei Kajal Ghosh (3rd Dan Black Belt full contact Karate, Japan).


Resident of a once-sleepy, upcoming town called Navi Mumbai, Falguni Banerjee always wished to study in Pune, the cultural capital of Maharashtra. She studied journalism from Pune University and began her career in the media industry there. She later worked with top media houses in Mumbai and Nagpur and has been felicitated for her work. Falguni is multi-linguistic and enjoys painting in her free time. A voracious reader, she boasts of a personal collection of an odd-2000 books!

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