Less Is More In Interior Design, Says Ruchi Sharma Sabharwal

Ruchi S Design is a Mumbai-based design studio catering to high-end residential, corporate and hospitality interior spaces. Their team comprises a promising set of designers, artists and innovators. The immaculate and neat décor of her office speaks volumes of her penchant for designing. A highly-creative person blessed with a charming smile that wins hearts, Ruchi seeks inspiration from the myriad designs in nature. She makes it a point to amalgamate rich Indian art forms with modern designs and techniques to appeal to international tastes.


  • Which new trends are being seen?

India is highly inspired by international standards and designs. A trend is a changing phenomenon. Indians have started accepting minimal designs that state ‘less is more’.

  • Mumbai has many signature brands in the interior design field. How difficult was it for you to make your own mark?

I am yet to make a mark. I see myself growing with each project. At Ruchi S Design (RSD), we strike a balance between the best of the old and new to express our special love for art and architecture.


  • How do you keep up with the competition?

Interior designers are dime a dozen but very few make optimum use of space. RSD creates pure, eclectic or dramatic spaces. We also participate in competitions to keep ourselves updated. In January 2015, a leading magazine had conducted a pan-Indian competition and nominated us for ‘workspace of the year’.

  • Have homes become style statements?

Homes have always been style statements. Earlier, one would see only celebs or the elite spending lavishly on their homes. Times have changed and now we see even the upper-class people understanding the importance of space planning and classy interior. RSD has gained a lot of useful experience while planning and designing high-end housing projects.


  • What are the five things one can do to give a different look to a house?

Color plays an important role in enhancing the vibrancy of a home. It is advisable to add colour in the form of changeable items like curtains, upholstery, daris, cushions etc.

Multifunctional furniture like nesting tables, pull-out sofas, multi-purpose book-cum-television units, expandable dining tables are always a good option.

Use of ambience lights like hidden cove light or table lamps help create a soothing mood.

In the kitchen, one can use roll-top shutter as this helps to keep your electrical appliances in one place and they need not be removed for day-to-day use.

In the bathrooms, use vanity storage space for clean and used clothes.

  • What inspired you to take up interior designing?

I have always been passionate about design. I wanted to give a magnificent shape and form to my imagination. This became my driving force towards the medium of design. The intensity with which this passion translated into a serious career choice grew with each year of my practice.

  • What are your areas of expertise?

I believe ‘God is in the details’. Proportion and detailing truly brings a great design to life.

  • Tell us about your stay at Germany.

I happened to visit Germany post-marriage. Though I never worked for any firm there, I got an opportunity to witness and interact with best architectures and designers. I drew inspiration from the amazing European architectural and design techniques and learnt a lot from a country that boasts of technological marvel.


  • What are your future plans?

I wish to boost RSD’s brand name and create more and more classy spaces for my clients. I always explore the use of new materials that suit Indian climatic conditions and incorporate more Indian art like wood carving, handloom etc. To create something extraordinary, one has to understand the client’s requirements first and then use your creativity to create beautiful, functional and aesthetic designs. This philosophy applies to the entire lifecycle of a project starting from the layout and space planning to selection of material, furniture, lights and accessories.

ruchi s design
Interior design | space planning
601, Sanjona Chamber,
BS Devashi Marg, off station road,
Deonar, Mumbai – 400088


Pics by Farooq Sayed


After moving from one metro to another, Meena R Prashant wished to return to her roots – Navi Mumbai. An arts graduate in English and Communication from Annamalai University, her passion for writing grew with time. The spirited journalist has added over five years of experience to her credentials. She is currently working as a freelance journalist with some media houses in Navi Mumbai.

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