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The other day, a friend acknowledged she had depression. Yet, she refused to treat it. Seeking psychiatric help, for her, was a sign of weakness. Ridiculous! isn’t it? On the contrary, I believe facing, treating and overcoming depression is sign of immense strength.

Depression is making headlines once again. Actor Pratyusha Banerjee’s death has led the media to rake out stories on a very common mood disorder. However, the incident pops up several questions in my mind.
Yes, the actor’s step could be a ‘sudden’ one but let us not neglect the fact that the dreaded D-word is not a one-day affair. A serious mood disorder, it is the result of relentless accumulation of negative feelings and emotions. There is a small percentage of patients who are genetically affected with it. However, a considerable number of depressed persons have no genetic connection to be in that state of mind. The inability to lead a healthy lifestyle, deal with stress and failure are some of the major reasons to feel depressed.
Follow-up news reports after Pratyusha Banerjee’s death point out she was stressed. The reasons could be many – soured personal relationships, debt or loneliness. However, it is clear that people near her lacked an utilitarian approach to life situations.
Friends of Pratyusha Banerjee have admitted an abusive relationship was overcasting her happiness. Her admission to her friends about a possible exit from the relationship with her beau was sign enough she was traumatized. These confessions should have been spotted by her near and dear ones. In Pratyusha’s case, it could have been her industry friends.
Pratyusha and many like her travel from far away lands to make dreams come true in metros like Mumbai. However, what they do not know is they belong to an industry which moves at rocket speed … where equations in terms of relationships and work change in lickety split. This dubious sector is full of impermanence. This precisely calls for solidarity amongst colleagues and friends in the TV industry. Had her close friends dwelt over Pratyusha’s statements which exhibited her helplessness, and lent a hand to her, her death could have been averted.
Alas! actors who portray themselves as strong and independent beings in TV serials are themselves victims of disillusions.
When I think back, I wonder, was it so hard for people around Pratyusha to know she was depressed? Or they simply didn’t care? Or was she not ready to accept depression? Early counselling and treatment could have prevented the brilliant girl’s death. Not many understand, it just takes a few visits to a professional counselor to decide if  a person is depressed or normal. Albeit not all from the glam world are as forthcoming as Deepika Padukone, who faced and admitted to depression with dignity. Pratyusha Banerjee’s death is a call for all from the TV fraternity to work in unison.
Counselling and medication is just one part of treating depression. Treating depression calls for sustained efforts on part of the patient. As a yoga practitioner, another prescribed way to treat it along with Indian traditional treatment routes is practising yoga. I always feel sad at the negligent attitude of Indians towards an indigeneous, home-bred science. When entwined and practiced along with the support of yogic texts, yoga is bound to lead the person to a state of well being.
Yoga For Depression –
Yogis swear by texts such as ‘Patanjali Yog Sutra’ or ‘The Bhagvadgita’. These texts spell out principles of leading a contended life for which many motivational speakers shell out thousands and lakhs of people’s pockets. Not only are they guidelines to yogic practices such as shatkarmas, asanas, pranayamas, dhyan, but also teach the practitioner to go beyond the body and materialistic aspects of life. To eliminate dualities and fluctuations of the mind, establish virtues such as friendliness, joy, compassion and calmness and lead the soul towards liberation are teachings of yoga.
I don’t fall short of words, when I recommend a crash course on yoga and philosophy to celebrities,especially women celebrities, as they take off on their careers. Taking off is easier than falling down. It is during the latter that yoga will help them sail through.
Pune was the land of dreams for this gutsy girl from Nasik. She completed her bachelorette in English before studying journalism from Pune University. It was natural progression for a girl who despised numbers. After having honed her journalistic skills and worked with several top media houses, she took a sabbatical to spend time with family. A search for true purpose of life led her to learning yoga. Rupa is now a certified yoga instructor.

Readers can write to her at pinksworth.com@gmail.com

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