Overcoming Barriers To Succeed with Past Life Regression Therapy

Manish Shroff (30) was confused and sad. Inspite of his best efforts, he was yet to succeed in his career. He yearned to climb up the ladder and get recognition. Distraught after being sacked yet another time, he decided to try Past Life Regression Therapy (PLRT).

During a session, he saw himself as a fifty-year-old, sitting in the corner of a small cold dark room, with a rug around him. A few men suddenly broke into the room and stabbed him in the right side of his chest. He could clearly feel the pain due to the impact of the dagger for about an hour after the session. After the session, his life instantly transformed. He became much more confident.

Many like Shroff suffer from similar problems and have benefited from Past Life Regression Therapy for success. The therapy helps resolve issues, behavior, habit or beliefs that may have originated from past life experiences.

Our minds collect memories from the past. PLRT helps re-align memories so that they stop causing painful thoughts.

During another session, Shroff connected to his late father. He felt a load falling off his shoulders. Yes, connecting to your late loved ones is another bonus of PLRT. It is especially helpful in case of sudden deaths or when there is guilt involved.

One tends to stagnate in life at times. PLRT sessions help such persons overcome their weaknesses and blockages.

Pradeep, a 40-year-old, craving to taste success in his business, connected to his womb state during one session. He could hear someone continuously telling him to die and not take birth. He could also clearly visualize the room in which he was born, the colour of curtains and so on. His mother confirmed the same later. He also visited the hospital where he was born and was shocked to see it exactly as he had visualized it during the session. His mother later admitted that during his birth, she was not at all happy. Pradeep’s father wanted her to abort the child but she had refused. While enduring labour pain, she missed him and felt she’d rather have her husband than the child. After the session, Pradeep began noticing changes around him. He saw a ray of hope.

Breaking blockages in the sub-conscious helps one proceed in life. Success has no option but to follow!

Founder of ‘Trinetra Centre for Healing & Enlightenment’, Smita Wankhade is devoted to healing through past-life regression, breath and inner-child work. Unusual experiences like ‘seeing’ a soul or ‘being out-of-the-body’ roused her curiosity and drove her to the world of mysticism and its enchantments. With research and study came enlightenment and deep understanding of her earlier ‘unusual’ experiences. The road of mysticism led to the wide, oft-explored world of spirituality. Regular study and research have brought her labels like breath worker, past life regressionist, inner-child healer, reiki master or peak performance coach. Her healing sessions have provided relief from the myriad issues that prevented persons from enjoying life fully. For over six years, she was the core group member of a social organisation ‘SujanPalak’, which focused on the art of responsible and sensible parenting. She pens a fortnightly column ‘Spiritual Healing’.

Readers can write to her at smwankhade3@gmail.com


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