At times, I wonder how people managed raising 7 children in the earlier days, when parents face it difficult to raise even two children these days. Adults are so caught up with their busy schedules that they have hardly any energy or patience left to spend time with their children. To make things worse, parents blame children saying they don’t listen to us and we were never like this. A lot depends on the kind of conversation we have with our little ones.

Do you find yourself saying…

“Just a minute” or “Don’t interrupt”
“How many times do I have to tell you to…”
“You do it right now!”
“Don’t talk back to me”
“Stop whining!”

Think for a moment about what you are doing…

Probably you are trying to discipline your child but is this a right way? Disciplining kids is very important for their physical and mental health. There are many ways to discipline children and parents can choose from a variety of discipline strategies to help their children learn and grow.


Sometimes parents feel guilty or worry their child will be mad at them if they try to discipline them. Unfortunately, without age-appropriate discipline, children don’t gain the skills they need later in life. It is important to be a parent to a child, rather than always try and be their friend.

A parent’s job is not to ensure their child has a happy childhood. Instead, a successful parent should have the confidence that his/her child is ready for adulthood. When children receive necessary discipline at the right age, they learn the skills necessary to be a responsible adult.



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