Recipe of Fish Koliwada

Koliwada is the ‘Koli’ or the fishermen’s colony. In Mumbai, there are several Koliwadas dotted along the coast line. This recipe of Fish Koliwada is simple. This mouth-watering dish made by the Koli community immediately catches the fancy of foodies.


Fish fillets of salmon / pomfret/ surmai / rawas cut into 1 ½ inch cubes – 500 gms

Bengal gram flour – 1/2 cup

Cumin powder roasted – 1/2 tsp

Red chilli powder – 2 tsp

Salt to taste

Ginger paste – 1 tbsp

Garlic paste  – 1 tbsp

Yogurt – 2 tbsp

Oil for deep frying


For sprinkling:

Chaat masala – 1/2 tsp

Lemon juice – 2 tbsp


For the Accompaniments:

1 onion

Lemon wedges – 4 nos.

Mint, coriander and yoghurt chutney – 100 ml



Make a thick batter with the Bengal gram flour, cumin powder, salt, ginger paste, garlic paste, yogurt and 2 tbsp of water.

Marinate the fish fillets in the batter for 20 -25 minutes.

Heat oil in a Kadai and deep-fry till cooked from the inside and crisp on the outside. Drain on an absorbent paper.


For serving:

Serve hot, sprinkled with chaat masala and lemon juice accompanied with onions, lemon wedges and chutney.


Chef tips:

An addition of rice flour – ¼ tbsp will make the fish more crispy.

Marinate to let the flavours permeate in to the fish.


To make mint, coriander and yogurt chutney



Mint leaves, stems removed, washed – ¼ th bunch

Coriander leaves, stems removed, washed – ¾ th bunch

Spinach leaves, stems removed, washed – 1/3 rd bunch (can be blanched in boiling water , refreshed in cold water and then pureed OR may be used without blanching)

Green chillies – 2

Ginger 1 inch piece

Water as per required for grinding / pureeing

Yogurt, whisked – 1 tbsp

Salt to taste

Chat masala – ¼ th tsp



Prepare a smooth puree in a food processor with the ingredients. Now add whisked yogurt. Add salt to taste and chat masala. Mix well and serve as an accompaniment.


Chef Tips:

If you don’t want to add yogurt, add 1 small onion, 1 small raw mango and ½ tsp lemon juice.


Preparation time: 10 minutes

Cooking time: 15 minutes

Serves- 04 pax



Chef (Mrs.) Reetu Uday Kugaji cooks to touch souls. She works as a Programme Head at the ITM Institute of Hotel Management in Nerul, Navi Mumbai, speciality chef with and a food author with . Her Facebook page ‘Food For Thought by Chef Mrs Reetu Uday Kugaji’ is well-read. As Associate Professor at the D. Y. Patil University’s School of Hospitality and Tourism Studies in Navi Mumbai and the D.Y. Patil stadium previously, she has served the most delectable and exotic cuisines for famous personalities. She enjoys teaching and interacting with budding chefs. She has also learnt food styling and photography.

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