Save The Girl Child, Save The Nation

In Hindu tradition, daughters are considered a form of Lakshmi, goddess of wealth but times have changed and girls are now considered merely a means of procuring ‘Lakshmi’ (wealth).

It is shocking to hear that even today, some families consider daughters inauspicious as they do not carry forward the family name. Daughters are meant to be respected and treated with love and affection. After all, they nurture children and carry forward the generation. Those who consider daughters unlucky do not realize what they are losing.

It is heartening to see the present government taking proactive steps to save the girl child. Several amendments have been made in laws off-late to protect them.


Although special provisions have been made in law, female infanticide continues discreetly. Pre-natal sex-determination is strictly banned. The law further states that if anybody is found guilty, he or she shall be heavily fined and also put behind bars. It is mandatory for all clinics to publish these instructions clearly and all the patients to read the same. Authorities regularly visit hospitals and clinics to check records and keep tab on such illegal happenings.

Another positive step is stricter laws to prevent abuse, molestation and rape of women. It is always advisable to report such incidences immediately to the nearest police station for further investigation and arrest.


In rural areas, special efforts are being taken to educate girls by providing free bicycles and food. Girls are not required to pay fees and books are also provided free of cost. The only motive of the government is to ensure safety of girls and make them independent.

Many incidences of molestation and rape of minors are reported. It is the duty of the on-lookers and also the society members to come forward and help the victims. A single bold step can change the girl’s fate and prove to be a lesson for the guilty.

Beti Padhao, Desh Badhao!         


Originally from Nagpur in eastern Maharashtra, advocate Mrs Deepali Jayadeep Jayawant shifted to Navi Mumbai in 2002. She is well-versed with family matters, consumer matters, civil and criminal cases and High Court proceedings. She has recently presented a research paper in an international conference in Mumbai. She enjoys reading, sports and traveling. She pens a fortnightly column ‘Legal Diary’.
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