Eyebrows Shapes For Different Face Types

Eyebrows play a very important part in enhancing your eyes and balancing your face. For the longest time, fashions in eyebrow shapes have come and gone.

The thirties saw movie stars with no hair and only a penciled thin brow line. The sixties brought in a heavy un-kept look and women around the world conformed to the latest trends, irrespective of whether the pencil thin look or those bushy brows suit their face shape or not.

The shape and size of the eyebrow should depend solely on the shape of the face and the effect required. Years of endless tweezing, plucking, waxing or threading take a toll on your poor eyebrows and then they do not always grow back to their original hey-day shape or fullness. It is, hence, very important to choose the shape most suitable to your face early on and maintain it throughout one’s lifetime.  Here you go and understand the eyebrows shapes for different face types:-


Oblong face

The eyebrows should be shaped almost horizontally and only as far as the outside corner.

e.g. Straight eyebrows

Round face

Arched eyebrows are needed to create an illusion of narrowness extending as far out to the cheekbones as possible. The shaping commences immediately above the inner corner of the eye.

e.g. Arched eyebrows

Square face

The eyebrows need to be highly-arched on the outside to try and create an oval impression.

e.g. Angular eyebrows

Triangular face

Extra width is needed at the forehead and eyebrows should only be slightly arched, extending low.

e.g. Arched

Narrow forehead

This shape requires a low arch.

High forehead

This shape requires a high arch.

Understand your face well and give clear instructions to your beautician as per the guidelines given here on eyebrows shapes for different face types and walk out like a beauty queen!

Noted makeup artist and stylist Leila Sharma has nearly 25 years of rich experience to boast of. She began her training in the beauty and fashion world in 1991, when she attended the Roberta Mechan School of Beauty in the UK. She joined the fashion world shortly after she moved to Bengaluru in Karnataka. She also trained under the internationally acclaimed makeup specialist Linda Meridith in London. Leila holds a diploma in screen, stage, film and fashion makeup and has been working with the best talent of the country, including Bollywood and sports personalities, leading designers and photographers of India. Leila has several International and national advertisement campaigns and shows to her credit. She styles for both the print media and TV commercials and works extensively with a number of ad film houses. Her range of work extends into fantasy make up and body painting. She is the recipient of the kingfisher award for excellence in makeup in 2000. She pens a fortnightly column ‘Face Value’.

Readers can write to her at leilasharma55@gmail.com


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