Tips For Women Travelling Alone In India…

Solo travel is simply the most expansive of experiences in the life of a human. From being able to worry absolutely and selfishly about one’s preferences and pet peeves to getting the time to acquaint with one’s very self, the reasons to go solo are galore and glorious! The number of solo women travellers is increasing across the world, with women becoming financially, mentally and emotionally independent.

India, the land of ultimate diversity, is a very tempting destination for solo travelers across the globe. Most of the travelling spirits have visited the subcontinent at least once in their sojourns and have rarely left, unchanged. Before you pack that rucksack, check out these tips for women travelling alone in India and ease into the mood of a solo traveller:


  1. Chance favours a prepared mind

Read up on the country at large and stay abreast with the happenings and traditions of the places you are planning to visit. Ensure that your passport and visa are all up to date and wouldn’t pose any trouble of the legal kind, once you have set out for the journey.

Yes, it is a land where you shall be exposed to an assortment of experiences both pleasurable and otherwise.

Secret tip for women travelling alone: Meet your trusted GP and get all the vaccinations done and carry all the necessary medicines like pain killers, anti-pyretics and probiotics to maintain a healthy gut.


  1. What to eat and drink, when in India

India, being a country that is singularly capable of leaving you bedazzled and befuddled simultaneously, keeps you on the guard almost all the time. We are not asking you to relinquish the idea of a trip to India completely but stay alert on certain commonalities. Street vendors are available in hordes in every nook and cranny of the country, but just for experience sake, do not jeopardize your health.

Secret tip for women travelling alone: Compulsorily rely on bottled drinking water that has clear plastic wrapped around the sealed cap.


  1. Incredible Indians

Indians are very warm and hospitable to tourists and chances that you will be a cynosure if you are a foreign tourist (read white) for taking selfies. Of late, the nation has garnered a lot of notoriety for the way the Indian women are treated. It would be juvenile to shun the entire 2 billion something population as a bunch of uncouth barbarians. Remember that the essence of travelling is to explore, experience and embrace things at your own discernment. Dress modestly on your travels keeping the skin show to a minimum when you go about visiting public places like markets, monuments and fairs.

Secret tip for women travelling alone: When creepy or orthodox people try to strike up conversations, feel free to cook up stories where you have a husband/ boyfriend right outside or in the very same town or country.


  1. No means Nahi, Illa and what not!

Learn some basic phrases for most commonly-used phrases in the part of the country you are going to visit. The country has 22 major languages with over 720 dialects. After every mile, you will experience a different version of something you thought you already knew! Also, when people, especially vendors, tend to get too close to you, be assertive and say a firm NO. Never ever show interest to anyone who suggests anything on those lanes. Never ever do anything absolutely ridiculous!

Secret tip for women travelling alone: Try reaching a new place before the sun goes down to stay on the safer side.

These tips for women travelling alone are easier said than done, because the prime thing about travelling itself is to go some place with a heart wide open but since you definitely do not want the trip to India to be the last, or the worst or both, these trips along with dollops of your own discretion and gut feelings should keep you safe. Ultimately the price of eternal freedom is eternal vigilance. Hope you all collect beautiful moments en route to this fascinating land, India!



Aardhra Krishna spent 15 years clueless and in denial of her true self. The designer and architect of many a castle in the air, she is a self-proclaimed pantheist who attained enlightenment though Bruce Almightly. She ditched dentistry to become a writer. Her vision is to create a world where the grass does’nt seem greener on the other side.

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