Travel Tips For Women Travelling Solo

Many urban, independent women are now choosing to travel alone. It helps them explore the world at their own pace. While they may make elaborate plans for that much-needed me-time, they also need to be prepared to tackle any un-foreseen incidents that may occur while travelling alone.
Below are a few suggestions Pinksworth makes for women travelling alone:

Travel light: We love shopping and stuffing our bags with clothes, accessories and footwear to match every outfit. However, it’s best to travel light. Pack dark clothes as dirt will not show up easily on them. They can be re-worn. Try doing your own laundry at the accommodation premises. By doing so, you will save a lot of space in your baggage. Carry comfortable flats that will help you walk long distances with ease. You will not require help from strangers at airports or railway stations and thus eliminate the chances of theft.

Choose reliable sources for travel bookings: Rely on trusted websites and travel agents while booking your travel and hotel tickets. Consider taking opinions from family and friends. If the deals online look too good to be true, they might end up disappointing you and create problems during your travel. Opt for security over cost-cutting in these aspects.

Keep your online updates minimal: The urge to tell the world that you are spending quality time travelling alone might prompt you to share a lot of information on social networking websites. Avoid this and keep your updates minimal, especially if you share them publicly.


Explore technology: Want to keep your dear ones updated about your whereabouts, want to know how the locals are or where is the nearest pharmacy? There are apps for that! These apps will also help you in giving safety score (rated by visitors) of the area you are in or plan to visit. They make you self-reliant and avoid the need to ask strangers about places around. Don’t have one yet? Try downloading Safetipin or bSafe app.

Be careful about documents

Be careful not to lose your passport, ID card and other documents. We suggest you carry a file or folder. Never share your details with strangers.

Carrying a torch and multi-power plug to charge your phone is a must.

Staying confident and proactive in every situation is the most important factor when travelling alone. Travel makes you wise and confident and exposes the real world to you.

– Yamini Dhyani

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