Use Eye Shadow To Meet Success

Eyes are considered windows to one’s soul. Goes without saying, they are your most important asset. A person meeting you will first look into your eyes and form an opinion. It does not matter whether your eyes are small, deep or protruding, they make a definite impact. Makeup helps overcome all short comings. Similar to face and lip shaping techniques, light eye shadow helps enhance your eyes while deeper shades give shape and dimension.


Small eyes

Makeup artists often complain about this ‘problem’. Small eyes can be corrected by applying the shadow to extend above, below and slightly beyond the eye.

Round eyes

Round eyes need lengthening. This can be achieved by taking the eye shadow past the outer corners of the eye, thus giving the appearance of width.

Close set eyes

This eye shape requires the application of shadow upwards from the outer edge of the eye. The entire orbital cavity area should be brought forward with a pale, and soft shadow.


Wide set eyes

To make wide set eyes appear closer, apply shadow on the upper lid nearest the inner of the eye.

Deep set eyes

These eyes can be brought forward by using pale iridescent colours and blended in an oval around the upper and lower lids.

Protruding eyes

Protruding eyes can be minimized by blending the shadow carefully over the prominent bulge on the upper eyelid and outwards towards the eyebrows. The shape of the eye may be redefined by illuminating the brow bone area to deflect interest from the protruding lids.

Hanging heavy lidded eyes

Hanging heavy lidded eyes should be shaded evenly from the eyelash line into the crease and socket of the eye and over the heavy lid.


Noted makeup artist and stylist Leila Sharma has nearly 25 years of rich experience to boast of. She began her training in the beauty and fashion world in 1991, when she attended the Roberta Mechan School of Beauty in the UK. She joined the fashion world shortly after she moved to Bengaluru in Karnataka. She also trained under the internationally acclaimed makeup specialist Linda Meridith in London. Leila holds a diploma in screen, stage, film and fashion makeup and has been working with the best talent of the country, including Bollywood and sports personalities, leading designers and photographers of India. Leila has several International and national advertisement campaigns and shows to her credit. She styles for both the print media and TV commercials and works extensively with a number of ad film houses. Her range of work extends into fantasy make up and body painting. She is the recipient of the kingfisher award for excellence in makeup in 2000. She pens a fortnightly column ‘Face Value’.

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